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Guy Grossi is opening a new cheap eats restaurant

Written by
Delima Shanti

You can't swing a cat without bumping into a Guy Grossi project at the moment. The Melbourne chef is on the telly almost nightly on My Kitchen Rules, he's this year's Moomba king along with Moomba queen and fellow chef Karen Martini, and he's spearheading the Melbourne Tomato Festival

Currently the Grossi Florentino chef is also expanding his restaurant line-up to include a cheap eats restaurant called Pezzo, set for an opening date later this year. Pezzo will be serving, you guessed it, pezzos. The word means 'piece' (as in, a piece of) and Grossi's pezzo is a bit like the Italian version of the Israeli pita sandwich – filled with meatballs or fried calamari instead or falafel. Instead of pita bread, Grossi bakes bread made with his fermented pizza dough, which is then cut in half and stuffed with filling. 

Photograph: Supplied

Get a taste of what's to come at Ombra Salumi Bar, where Grossi has been serving pezzos as a lunchtime option since August last year. At the moment, you can get the original pezzo ($10) with meatballs, tomato and provolone; the Porchetta ($10); the Cotoletta crumbed veal with slaw ($11) and the Calamari with zucchini and white sauce ($12). Stay tuned for an announcement on the opening date and location of Pezzo soon.

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