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Mr Miyagi is making drinking out of goon boxes cool again

Written by
Delima Shanti

Oil up your hills hoists because Mr Miyagi is launching their own line of goon boxes. The Windsor restaurant has launched a limited edition cask wine range, featuring a Murray Darling Shiraz, Adelaide Hills Rosé and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to go with its contemporary Japanese(ish) menu. 

The 750ml Mr M Goon Box and are available now from the restaurant and next door at Yukie's Snack Bar all through winter and spring. Each box of cask wine is going to set you back $55, which to be honest is probably going to be the most anyone's ever spent on goon but apparently Mr Miyagi's stuff is legit. Have it in the restaurant or take a few home for an expensive game of 'Goon of Fortune'. 

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