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The Press Club is going vegetarian this month
Written by
Nicola Dowse

It’s been 11 years since George Calombaris first opened the doors to fine dining institution the Press Club. And just like many preteens the restaurant is trying something new. They’re throwing off their fine dining shackles and offering an à la carte menu, extending their trading hours for the summer, and giving their seasonal Kerasma menu a plant-based overhaul.

For the month of November the Press Club’s seasonal Kerasma menu will only feature vegetarian dishes. Despite the ubiquity of lamb in Hellenic cuisine, vegetarianism goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. On the new menu you might see Greek offerings like a jazzed up yemista (stuffed vegetables), onions cooked in Greek Easter bread or a modern take on the ancient dairy and grain creation trahana.

The Press Club is also making fine dining accessible to more Melburnians, with à la carte options now more widely available. Throughout summer the restaurant is also opening daily so you can get yourself some Greek every day of the week.

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