Bikram Yoga: Fitzroy

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Bikram Yoga: Fitzroy

“That sounds like the worst thing you could possibly do” is most people’s reaction when told about Bikram Hot Yoga, but when it comes to shaping up, damn it all if this slightly sadistic sport doesn’t get the job done. The internationally recognised set of 26 postures patented by the enigmatic Bikram Choudry, is designed to stretch, strengthen and relax you, but unlike other yoga styles, Bikram takes place in a sauna heated to a kill-me-now 40 degrees. Working every muscle in your body over 90 minutes, this is a detox and a workout all in one. You’ll end up looking amazing, but while you’re in there, prepare to look less hot than you ever have before as you and 40 cohorts from all walks and all sizes sweat and stretch yourselves beautiful. It’s tough love, but persevere and nut crushing thighs shall be yours.


Venue name: Bikram Yoga: Fitzroy
Address: 24-26 Johnston St
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