MSO Education Week

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MSO Education Week

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Gain or deepen your appreciation for orchestral music during the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's Education Week

For the next six days the MSO runs a special program designed to help people to engage with orchestral music.

While the program is family-friendly, some of the events are aimed at grown-ups who may not be au fait with the genre. Let's face it, it can be intimidating when you don't know whats going on.

Events include An Adventurer's Guide to the Orchestra (Hamer Hall. 6.30pm. $20. Tue May 3), and the Meet the Orchestra series of concerts, which revisit classics including the Sorcerer's Apprentice theme from Fantasia (Hamer Hall. 12pm. $20. Fri May 6).

One of the highlights of the week is the Symphony in a Day program, which sees members of the public playing alongside MSO musicians, following a week of intensive training (Hamer Hall. 7.30pm. $15. Sat May 7).   

Ben Northey, the MSO's associate conductor, explains more about the program, its highlights and its rational during our interview with him.



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