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400 Gradi is creating a limited-edition 154-cheese pizza
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

How many cheeses is the right number for a pizza? Four cheeses? Five cheeses? How about 154 whopping cheeses? That's how many cheeses 400 Gradi (recently named the best pizza in Oceania for the second year in a row) is putting on its pizza from Thursday, September 5 to Sunday, September 8.

Owner and chef Johnny Di Francesco has previously put together a 99-cheese pizza as well as a 150-cheese pizza in 2018. This year however 400 Gradi is going for the big cheese (yeah, we went there): 154 different kinds on one pizza.

What are all these kinds of cheese? Well, feast your eyes on these 150 bad boys: Cyprus Grove Midnight Moon, Perenz Millefoglie, Casa Mapaio Canestrato, Heidi Raclette, Merco Mahon Curado 6mth, Cabot Cheddar Clothbound, Ilfort Pec Toscano Dop, Merco Murcia Al Vino, Chevrot Au Lait Pastearise, Uplands Pleasant Ridge, Will Studd Comte La Couronne, Perenz Formajo Ciock, Cyprus Grove Lamb Chopper, Occelli Testun Di Barolo, Casa Madaio Ll Cinerino, Myd Wensleydale, Kefalograviera, Merco Iberico, Pyengana Mature Cheddar, St Mamet Cantal Aop, Onetik Chebris, Snow White Goats Cheddar, Cravero Farm Reggiano, Oak Smoked Clothbound Cheddar, English Lancashire, Red Leiceter Cheddar, Agour Ossau Iraty, Heidi Tilsit, Pecorino Sotto Vinaccia, Le Secret Des Lys, Lemnos Organic Haloumi, Kase Swiss Blumenkase, Casa Madaio Paglierino, Swiss Gruyere, Kase Swiss First Konig Kuh, Perenz Montasio, Nyd Cornish Kern, Kefalotyri Saganaki Cheese, Mimolett Aged Losfeld, Cropwell Bishop Shropshire, Smoked Bussalino, Myd Coolea, Onetik Chhabrin, Chabert Beaufort Alpage, Onetik Ossau Iraty 6mth, Perenz Ubriaco Di Capral, Ricotta Salata, Kase Swiss Nufenen, Pecorino Romano Dop, Onetik Bleu Des Basque, Jean Faup Chevre, Merco Manchego 6mth, Il Fot Cacio Di Bosco, L'artisan Organic Fermier, Onetik Bleuette, Capitoul Caprinelle Chevre, Agour Brebis Pimento, Graso De Cabra, Annie Baxter Mature Buffalo Cheese, Ottavio Fleur Du Maraquis, San Simon Calendar Cheese, Pecorino Cacio Nero Di Pienza, Smoked Edam, L'artisan Tome Fraiche, Goat Milk Cheese, Pecorino Alle Pere, Barley Buzz Rubbed with espresso and lavender, Pecorino Tartufato Sottobosco,Grana Padano Cheese, S&B Chevrot, Berthaut Epoisses Aop, Formaggellia Stagionata Da Latte Di Capra, Petit Camembert Le Conquerant, Formager Des Clarines, Coulommiers Tournan en Brie, Fougerus, Milawa King River Gold, Le Jack a white mould Goats Milk Cheese, White Savourine Semi-mature white mild Goats Cheese, Meredith Marinated Goats Cheese, Smoked Burrata, Woombye Truffle Triple Brie, Le Dauphin Double Crème
Persian Feta Yarra Valley Dairy, Quark, Langres Aop, Fresh Goats Curd, Le Conquerant Soft Ripen Cheese, Le Mothais Sur Seville Goats Cheese, Brillat Savarin Will Stud, Goats, Cheese Cheure, Fresh Ricotta Alba Cheese, Perrin Secret De Scey, Cremaux Pave D'affinois, Chabris Origin, Buffalo Ricotta La Stella, Mauri Fontina, Havarty Castello, Valpad, Provopicc Dop, Asaigo Pressata, Black Savourine Semi-mature Ash Goats, Shaw River Buffalino, Gold Creek Tasty Cheese, Chabert Temmental Savoie, Gorgonzola Piccante, Saint Agur Force Et Fondant a La Fois, Riverine Blue, Will Studd Stilton, Tarwin Blue Berrycreek, Charleston Jersey Brie, Roquefort Papillon, Goats & Cows Merco Valdeon, Yering Yarra, Milawa Blue, Petit Rouge, Cottage Cheese, Petit Munster, Goat Hottin Roof Goat Mlk Chevre, L'artisan Mountain Man, Apple Wood Cheddar, Le Dauphin Soumaintrain, Mossvale Blue, Le Duc Vacherin, Triple Cream Blue, Mascarpone, Danish Blue, Perrin St Vernier Washed Rind Cows, Washed Rind Brie D'argent, Aphrodite Feta, Herby Cow, Jarlsberg, Monterey Jack Jalapeno, Fior Di Latte, Scamorza Bianco Cows Milk Mozzarella, L'artisan Fromage Blanc, Cows Curd, Bocconcini, Stracciatella, Squaquarone, Crème Cheese, Babybel, Maasdam, Raspadura, Peppered Gbejna Maltese Cheese, Gbejna Maltese Cheese, Goat Camembert, Rond Da Cher, Crozier Blue, Fila Becca Scamorza Affumicata, La Perla Buffalo Mozzarella, Monterey Jack Original, Cashel Blue Ireland, La Peral Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola Dolce.

You can get this incredible feat of pizza engineering at 400 Gradi Crown; Southbank; Brunswick East; Eastland; and Essendon. 

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