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A place serving giant, fried squid on a stick is opening in Footscray

Emily Lloyd-Tait

Just when you thought Hot Star Large Fried Chicken had the monopoly on comically oversized crumbed food, along comes giant squid served on a stick from IKA8. Your supersized calamari comes in four flavours: Singaporean salted egg, Thai tom yum, Japanese soy and ginger glaze, and a spicy addition from Korea.

A whole fried squid the size of your hand will only cost you $10. But if it's a bit much for you to tackle in one go, you can also get fried snacks for pocket change, like $5 squid balls, and $6 calamari rings and fat chips. And if crumbed seafood is your favourite food you can even make a full meal of it with a $12 bento.

If you are intrigued by the idea of big fried food on a stick, or just like novelty snacks, head to Footscray this weekend, when the team are running a two-for-one special to celebrate their opening. 

IKA8 opens on Sat Oct 20 at 24 Irving Street, Footscray. 

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