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Provenance pantry
Photograph: Supplied

Beechworth's Provenance is selling its flavour-packed pantry staples online

Everything you make will taste delicious

Written by
Jess Ho

By now, we have probably worked out which ones of us can cook and which ones of us can't. There is no shame in not being a wizard in the kitchen, your skills probably lie somewhere else. Thankfully, one of Victoria's best restaurants (regional, or otherwise) has decided to jar and sell its expertly made, umami-packed and (sometimes) Japanese-leaning seasonings, sauces and pantry staples to the public.

Beechworth's Provenance restaurant has launched its online grocer selling everything from kangaroo jerky to chestnut jam, smoked miso butter to nori no tsukudani (savoury seaweed jam), yuzu kosho to furikake. Every pantry item is priced between $6-$15 and will have the ability to make a sad bowl of rice or a piece of dry toast taste amazing. Considering the cost of good butter these days is similarly priced, these small-batch items that have gone through preserving, fermenting, pickling and labour-intensive hand-processing, seasoned with an expert palate are incredibly good value.

Items are regularly re-stocked and can be ordered online next to bottled cocktails and wine. You never know, chef and co-owner Michael Ryan may even be the person delivering the goods to your doorstep. Make sure you've got some pants on.

Want more flavour bombs delivered? Cheese is the answer. Need some groceries to go with that? Shop here

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