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Burger Project is now flipping a plant-based patty

Jess Ho

The good folk at Burger Project, and specifically Neil Perry, are known for their use of and relationship with Cape Grim beef, but with the times come change. Burger Project is now doing a vegan burger for the first time. The chain won't be using Impossible meats for its meatless burger but has instead developed its own patty with Fënn Foods made from pea protein. In doing so, Burger Project has a soy-, dairy-, gluten- and egg-free burger called the Planet Burger.

The Planet Burger took 12 months of testing to get off the ground and is said to have the flavour and texture of a real patty, being served on a milk bun with pickles, onion, tomato, lettuce, beetroot, mustard and Burger Project's secret sauce.

Who knows, maybe you don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the Planet Burger. Maybe you just suffer from enough existential environmental guilt from buying too many packaged products, drive a gas-guzzling rust-bucket or eat too many processed foods to make you curious enough to try this beef-free alternative.

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