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Co-Lab Pantry
Photograph: Supplied

Co-Lab Pantry is a gourmet online store featuring all-Victorian producers

Stock your pantry with goods from Fancy Hanks, Entrecôte, Ginger Boy and more

Written by
Sarah Theeboom

One of the few silver linings of lockdown (look, we’re trying to stay positive, OK?) is how much easier it has become to get restaurant-quality food at home. You can get takeaway from the city’s top chefs and cocktails delivered right to your door. Then there's the addition of online retail hub Co-Lab Pantry as well. 

Founders Danielle Lebon, Natasha Buttigieg and Avin Chadee decided to launch the online store to bring together some of their favourite Victorian venues and brands in one place. The result is a drool-worthy virtual supermarket aisle with a Victorian all-star lineup that includes Chotto Motto, Drumplings, Fancy Hank's, Gingerboy, Meatsmith, Messina, Four Pillars and the Everleigh.

Pimp your pantry with Lello pasta, Meatsmith bolognese, Entrecôte herb and butter sauce, Fancy Hank’s barbecue sauce, Negroni marmalade from Four Pillars, Chotto Motto chilli oil and Tuck Shop’s jalapeño hot sauce. Had a crappy day? It’s nothing a roll of Piccolina cookie dough, a jar of Messina hazelnut spread and a bottled cocktail from the Everleigh can’t fix.

In addition to fridge and pantry items, there are also some ready-made meals available including mac ‘n’ cheese dumplings from Drumplings and oven-ready pizzas from King and Godfree. Plus Co-Lab has teamed up with some of the vendors and chefs to offer recipes.

Getting hungry? Visit the Co-Lab Pantry website to start a seriously enjoyable shopping spree.

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