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Din Tai Fung is serving gold-dusted dumplings for Chinese New Year

Written by
Jess Ho

Have you ever wanted to eat a visual interpretation of a hong bao (the red packets relatives give you, filled with money)? Well, Din Tai Fung is making that a reality with its auspicious Chinese New Year Good Fortune dumplings filled with wagyu and black truffle, encased in a red wrapper and topped with gold leaf.

Traditionally, dumplings are an auspicious food because they are similarly shaped to ingots, symbolising wealth. Add in the red wrapper which represents good fortune and happiness, and the gold leaf for luck, and you'll be tripling down on Chinese New Year superstitions.

Din Tai Fung's Good Fortune dumplings will be available from January 23-February 9 at $21.60 for a serve of five dumplings. Gong hei fat choi to everyone!

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