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Goldie Canteen is giving away free baos

Written by
Jess Ho

Creators of the ramen-filled frankensandwich, Goldie Canteen is celebrating National Bao Day (yeah, we are also wondering when baos got their own day) on Thursday, August 22 by giving away 600 free baos between midday and 2pm.

Sichuan fried eggplant, braised pork belly and crispy chicken will be the fillings available on the day, so plan your attack wisely. Sadly, you won't be able to order more than one free bao per person, but the good news is that their bao buns go for $4 a serve, so the worst-case scenario is that you can treat yourself to an ultra-cheap lunch.

You don't need to book in, but we expect there will be lines. 

Goldie Canteen will be giving away those buns on Thursday, August 22 between noon and 2pm.

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