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Coffee being poured into an edible takeaway cup.
Photograph: Good-Edi Cup

Introducing the Good-Edi Cup, a takeaway cup you can eat

Reduce your environmental impact with these tasty cups made from an oat and grain biscuit

Adena Maier
Written by
Adena Maier

Did you know that nearly three million disposable coffee cups are being sent to landfills in Australia every day? Melburnians love their coffee, but friends Catherine Hutchins and Aniyo Rahebi wanted to find a way to make sure that this love doesn’t have a disastrous impact on our planet. 

In 2020, Catherine and Aniyo designed the Good-Edi Cup, a takeaway cup that's edible – yes, edible. The cup is actually a biscuit which means your morning coffee can now have a built-in high-fibre snack. On top of that, the cup breaks down naturally, can hold hot liquids for up to eight hours and is 100 per cent vegan.

The tasty biscuits are made in Melbourne, making Good Edi a local enterprise. The team entered and were accepted into the 2020 HATCH: Taronga Accelerator Program, which aims to support innovative ideas that address the pressing environmental issues of our day. The Good-Edi Cup won first place and a $50,000 prize and went on to earn nearly $150,000 through a crowdfunding campaign

Local production of the Good-Edi Cup began this past June, and since then the company has distributed around 10,000 cups to corporates & events.

“The cups aren’t available in cafés yet, but we’re working with a few partners to make them available and cafés can contact us to place an order,” says Aniyo.

You can order packs of anywhere from six to 2000 Good-Edi Cups through the website, and you can even order a free sample cup to try it out.  

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