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Just Falafs falafel pita
Photograph: Supplied

Just Falafs are giving out free falafel pitas on the public holiday

Your Monday lunch plans are sorted

By Rushani Epa

It's not every day that somewhere you spend your real human dollars starts giving away delicious things for free, but apparently it's International Falafel Day on Saturday, in addition to being a public holiday for the Queen's Birthday, and so North Fitzroy's falafel kings Just Falafs have decided we all deserve a treat.

1000 free pitas loaded with falafel will be given away from its venue at 207 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North on the Monday (not Saturday) with no pre-orders but pick up available in-store on a first in, best dressed basis.

This year the team is raising money for Children's Ground, an organisation supporting First Nations people in health, education and economic wellbeing. There will be a donation box set up for when customers pick up their food and an optional donation is encouraged.

Between noon and 3pm on Monday, June 14 they're going to be giving away their classic pitas so that you don't have to think about what to get for lunch. That's right, not a taster, a full vegan pocket for no cash outlay on your part. What a bunch of legends.  

Looking for lunch plans on Saturday or Sunday? Try Jerry Mai's bánh mì with matched beers this weekend.

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