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Melbourne Airport has finally installed travelators at Terminal 4
Written by
Nicola Dowse

If your cashflow restricts you to Jetstar and Tiger flights (amen) then you’re probably familiar with Terminal 4 at Melbourne Airport. And more specifically, familiar with the exceptionally long distance between the T4 security, dining and shopping area and the Jetstar gates. It's 700 metres (which can take up to ten minutes) to walk to your flight from security, and it’s around two kilometres if you’re walking from the public drop-off zone (also used by Ubers and taxis). 

But take heart, weary-legged budget fliers, for Melbourne Airport has heard your prayers and responded. The terminal now features travelators (moving walkways) to allow passengers to get to the boarding gates faster and easier. Sure, naysayers might think a ten-minute walk isn’t that bad, but for those who are elderly, less mobile or have small children, the travelators are no doubt a welcome Christmas present. 

Melbourne Airport has previously acknowledged the transit corridor was a wee bit lengthy. Melbourne Airport chief of aviation Andrew Gardiner has said: "We know a lot of our travellers feel the walk along Pier G is too long, so we have added the travelators to reduce stress on passengers that may have difficulty walking long distances."

T4 also installed new security scanners in 2019 which means you no longer have to juggle your laptop out of your carry-on luggage.

Australia's first inland surf park is opening January 2020 right next door to Melbourne Airport.

And at Essendon Airport you can now try indoor skydiving.

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