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Melbourne has been named Australia’s most innovative city

By Steven Otani

Hot off the trail of being named the second most liveable city in the world, Melbourne, we’ve done it again. Melbourne is now Australia’s most innovative city ranking 11th place in the world thanks to the annual 2thinknow Innovation Cities Global Index

The index ranks 500 cities from around the world and is now in its 12th year. 2thinknow was established in Melbourne in 2006 with its headquarters here in the city. The index is the world’s longest-running and most comprehensive report of its kind. 

Melbourne has climbed a long way since 2015 where it ranked at a disappointing 33rd in the world. By 2018, Melbourne jumped up to 16th place. In 2019 it's sitting comfortably just outside the top ten, strengthening Victoria’s reputation as a leading hub in the Asia Pacific region.

With its booming start-up ecosystem, vibrant creative industries and world-leading enterprise in fields ranging from medtech and pharma to advanced manufacturing, foods, fibre and sport it’s no wonder Melbourne is a force to be reckoned with.

The top ten innovative cities according to the 2019 index are: 

1. New York
2. Tokyo
3. London
4. Los Angeles
5. Singapore
6. Paris
7. Chicago
8. Boston
9. San Francisco/San Jose (Silicon Valley)
10. Toronto 

Cities are rated on 162 different indicators including start-up economy, mobility, sustainability, neighbourhoods and technology. Sydney dropped five places from 10th to 15th and Brisbane entered the top 50 for the very first time at 48th spot.

Speaking of Melbourne, did we mention it was ranked the second most liveable city in the world again?! To celebrate here are 17 things you can only do in Melbourne.

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