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Melbourne’s peregrine falcon chicks have hatched – and you can watch them on livestream
Written by
Nicola Dowse

Three new Melburnians have taken up residence at 367 Collins Street, and they’re a lot fluffier than most of the CBD’s corporate crowd. On Tuesday, October 2 three peregrine falcon chicks hatched from a nest on the 35th floor of 367 Collins Street. And in true 2018 fashion, you can watch them grow up via livestream.

Since hatching, the adorable chicks have been observed sleeping, cuddling and being fed by their parents (if you’re squeamish, be warned: you may see a pigeon being fed to the chicks on the livestream). They were originally a clutch of four eggs, but one egg failed to hatch.

The three fluff balls are not the first chicks to nest on the skyscraper. Peregrine falcons have been nesting on 367 Collins Street since 1991, with the building proving popular with the birds thanks to its southeast-facing direction (meaning it gets morning, but not afternoon sun).

The livesteam was set up in 2016, and these are not the first hatchlings to be caught on camera. In 2017 two chicks were born but died before leaving the nest. On average, it takes 42 to 46 days for the chicks to fledge (grow enough feathers to enable flight), so you’ve roughly another month to watch them grow.

Watch the wee chickadees on the 367 Collin Street livestream.

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