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Melbourne's resident falcons are nesting on top of a CBD skyscraper

Nic Dowse

Spring means two things in Melbourne. One, the footy is about to get real good and two, Melbourne’s falcons are getting frisky. In fact, two peregrine falcons have decided to build a literal love nest on top of one of the CBD’s office buildings.

The rooftop of 367 Collins Street is currently home to two nesting peregrine falcons which you can watch Big Brother-style thanks to a livestream camera. This isn’t the first time falcons have nested here, with falcons having roo(s)ted on the rooftop since 1991. The nest is popular with falcons due to the southeast-facing direction, meaning it gets morning but not afternoon sun. The prime real estate is basically the avian equivalent of an inner-city terrace house.

In a few weeks the falcons’ patience will hopefully pay off and they’ll have some fluffy white chicks to look after, and for you to gawk at via the livestream. The livestream has been operational since 2016 – last year the resident falcons had three adorable chicks and this year it looks like the falcons have laid four eggs.

It takes about a month for the eggs to hatch, and if last year is anything to go by, 367 Collins will have some teensy weensy new falcons by early October. Watch the livestream here.

Those falcons have good taste – Melbourne has been named the world's second most liveable city in the world.

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