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Moon Dog Brewery will give you free beers if you cut an iso-mullet

Yes, you read that correctly.

Written by
Jess Ho

You read that correctly. Moon Dog Brewery is giving away free four-packs of Jean-Strawb Van Dammes for every iso-mullet the team is tagged in on Instagram. Why? Moon Dog is celebrating the return of its Magnificent Mullet series after a seven-year hiatus, which is a range of limited fruited sours named after famous mullets.

The deal is, you have to show your mop before and after you cut your hair into this year's most stylish do, tag @moondogbrewing and @beefbarbers on Instagram and they'll be in touch to send you your four-pack. For those of you who want to spend a little more time on trying to look like Billy Ray Cyrus or even someone who's lost a fight with a lawnmower, Moon Dog is also giving away a year of beer and a prize pack from Beef Barbers to the best and worst mullets of the iso-season. 

Who are you trying to impress right now? Get out those clippers and scissors and start shearing. 

If you're thinking, "I'm really vain and happy to pay for booze," these bars won't hold your hair to ransom. Want to shout a beer to an essential worker? You can

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