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Customers at Moroccan Soup Bar Deli-cacy
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Moroccan Deli-cacy is closing this weekend

Jess Ho

But that does not mean you won't be able to get your favourite Moroccan fix. Owner Hana Assafiri is really just concentrating her efforts on her home base Moroccan Soup Bar and passing the torch to activist, talk-show host and media personality Husna Pasha. It's a classic story of leaving while the going's good and entrusting the keys to the castle to an individual with the same beliefs. Moroccan Deli-cacy will close on April 15 at 3pm with a farewell and welcome party rolled into one, before the venue emerges as Aliysha's Café Collective.

Alisha's Café Collective will still serve vegetarian and vegan plates with Moroccan roots, but it will also include the Indian flavours that are closer to home for Pasha. The venue will morph into a space for the community to experiment and grow, with a percentage of the profits from each dish going towards a charity nominated by the community, and the space being opened up to engage local creatives.

Watch this space.

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