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Mr Crackles is coming to Melbourne

Food at Mr Crackles Carryout
Photograph: Rachel Murdolo

We all love a late-night kebab, bowl of ramen or dirty slice of pizza as much after a night out, but Mr Crackles has just announced its imminent arrival in Melbourne, and we couldn't be more excited. The late-night, cult, pork-based sub shop will be adding to our post-midnight options. Expect a classic pork belly-filled bun, a sweet, HK-style char sui roll or a sticky BBQ-style pulled pork crammed in a hoagie. If you just want some of the good stuff, a cup of crackling is on the menu, too.

As for the whens and wheres, they're staying mum on the matter, but expect to add another option soon to your takeaway feasts.

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