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NeNe Fried Chicken is giving away free fried chicken

Written by
Jess Ho

To celebrate National Fried Chicken Day on July 6th (not a real holiday, but we're going with it), NeNe Chicken in Melbourne Central is giving away original flavoured fried chicken wingettes and drumettes to the first 100 customers from midday. Of those 100 customers, there will be five lucky (depending on how you feel about edible gold) winners of 23-carat, gold-dipped and dusted fried chicken. 

That's correct; feel rich and eat like a king by ingesting genuine gold-covered, marinated, crispy, fried chicken pieces. Don't despair if you miss out on bedazzled fried chicken, NeNe will be open and serving all day even after the golden wings run out.

Saturday, July 6 at NeNe Fried Chicken, Melbourne Central from noon. 

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