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PappaRich is serving a nasi lemak burger for a limited time only

Written by
Jess Ho

Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I could really do with a nasi lemak between buns instead of with rice?' Yeah, us neither, but we'd still eat it. 

The good folks at Malaysian hawker restaurant, PappaRich has done the hard work for us and will be placing their signature fried chicken, peanuts, sambal, anchovies, cucumber and a fried egg between soft milk buns to create the Malaysian-style mash-up we never knew we needed. They have also done away with the stock-standard burger accompaniment of chips and are serving their burgers with a side of its addictive fried chicken skins instead. 

Will this burger be better than original nasi lemak? There's only one way to find out.

PappaRich's nasi lemak burger will be available from July 1, for the month of July, from all outlets.

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