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Pope Joan has found a permanent home

Written by
Jess Ho

This might sound like non-news, but sandwich lovers might feel a little differently. After Pope Joan was booted from its original site to make way for yet another development, she closed down briefly and popped up at 45 Collins Street, in the driveway of the Sofitel, taking up the old Mayfair site (RIP). And there's good news, folks! Pope Joan is staying put. 

The threat of losing easy access to your favourite Milawa chicken and jalapeño roll, Reuben made from Warialda Belted Galloway pastrami or Pope Joan's namesake bacon, egg and brown sauce roll is now neutralised, because Pope Joan will now be serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and general fun times from Monday to Friday until the end of time. (OK, maybe not the end of time.)

Time to make those lunch meetings, folks.

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