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Riverland Bar is serving mugs of boozy hot Milo this winter
Written by
Nicola Dowse

For Aussie kids, nothing says winter like a scaldingly hot mug of hot Milo. Whether you had it breakfast, after school or before bed, the chocolatey malt drink was a favourite childhood snack, and the perfect way to warm up and get your sugar hit at the same time. 

Now you can warm up while getting a hit of sugar and alcohol at the same time. Waterfront bar Riverland is serving steaming cups of boozy hot Milo all winter. The $15 hot cocktail will really make you "go and go and go", with Havana Club rum, maple syrup and cream all stirred into the Milo mix. It's then topped with marshmallows for that little extra kick of gooey sweetness. 

This isn't the first time that boozy hot Milo has hit Melbourne, with the Boatbuilder's Yard last year serving a rum and raisin hot Milo cocktail called the Dockyard Starter. 

If you'd rather a classic cup of mulled wine you can get that at Riverland too (and even opt to add an extra shot of rum, brandy or whisky).

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