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Sunda Bun Rieu
Photograph: Khanh Nguyen

Sunda is serving up its best staff meals for you to takeaway


There are crap staff meals and then there are incredible staff meals. If you've ever been lucky enough to work at a venue that does a spectacular staff meal, it is hard to walk away from that job, even if there is no career progression. Sunda is one of those venues that does a spectacular staff meal and it shows the respect that the staff have for each other, the value everyone places in the team, and the importance of sharing a really good meal like a family. 

To eat a staff meal at a restaurant you do not work at is the ultimate privilege, and Sunda is opening up this family ritual to you. Even better, you can taste some of the best staff meals the crew have ever put up. Best doesn't mean showy, flashy or full of luxury ingredients only the richest person can afford; it means labour, dedication, comfort and nourishment. Pretty much exactly what we need right now.

Sunda's staff meals are available from Tuesdays to Saturdays and can be ordered here for pick up or delivery. All meals will be chilled so you can choose to either keep it for when you're ready to eat, or reheat it as soon as you get home. Check back on the website as the menu will change fortnightly, but for now, the menu is:

Tuesday: Barramundi with black bean, chilli and garlic, chicken fat rice, broccoli and sugar snap pea salad, shao xing dressing.

Wednesday: Lamb mapo tofu with steamed jasmine rice and lao gan ma condiment; snow pea leaves stir fried with garlic.

Thursday: Spiced fried chicken with blue cheese and kewpie mayo, rice vinegar pickles, coconut and corn bread.

Friday: Crispy fish curry with turmeric rice and fried shallots; smashed cucumbers with ginger; coriander chutney.

Saturday: Soy masterstock braised chicken; ginger and shallot relish; egg noodles with Vietnamese sate; broccolini with oyster sauce and garlic oil.

All mains are $22 per person and desserts are $10. 

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