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The 18 things you always see in Melbourne on New Year's Eve

Rebecca Russo
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Whether you're a fireworks fan, looking for a relaxed dinner or you want to party until dawn, New Year's Eve can be a great night out in the city. But as seasoned experts at navigating Melbourne on NYE, here are a few fun things that you'll always see in Melbourne when night falls on December 31. 

1. Someone who is desperately looking for a toilet (we got you there, bud). 
2. Someone who is really, really into the fireworks (we got you there too).
3. The distant sound of a kid crying, probably for no reason.
4. People talking about New Year's resolutions that they'll inevitably break.
5. People talking about what a totally shit year 2018 was.
6. People saying "this is going to be MY year!" after midnight.
7. Giant lines for the tram.
8. Every single taxi full.
9. People looking at their phones concerned about whether to accept Uber's surge pricing.
10. Someone at Fed Square bemoaning the fact that there are far too many people there.
11. Someone inevitably asking how much it costs to have all those fireworks.
12. Insufferable couples kissing at midnight.
13. Women who have sensibly ditched their heels for bare feet.
14. Women who have more sensibly ditched their heels for thongs they prepared earlier.
15. People bar hopping at 11pm, desperately trying to get into somewhere by midnight.
16. Flinders Street Station fast food joints jammed with inebriated people at 1am.
17. People with prams out far too late.
18. People saying, with no hint of irony, "let's go to Crown!". 

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