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Where to pee on New Year’s Eve

All the Champagne that goes in must come out – better it come out somewhere safe and private

A close up shot of the toilet door at The Bearded Tit. A painted
Photograph: Anna Kucera

New Year’s Eve is prime time to be outdoors and exploring Melbourne after dark. The late December heat means the nights are mild, the skies are clear and the city comes to life as everyone rings in the new year with plenty of bubbly. Maybe too much. If you’re out and about on New Year’s Eve and find yourself in need of a loo we’ve got you sorted.


Birrarung Marr, Speakers Corner and western side of ArtPlay building

Come New Year’s Eve, Birrarung Marr is going to be heaving with people keen for some riverside fireworks action. They’ll all need somewhere to answer nature’s call however and luckily Birrarung Marr has two 24-hour public toilets: one at Speakers Corner and one on the western side of the ArtPlay building.



Exhibition Street & Flinders Street

Gentlemen if you find yourself needing a restroom after leaving the likes of Gazi or the Garden Hotel, you don’t need to do the sneaky, illegal alleyway pee: there’s urinals on the corner of Exhibition Street and Flinders Street. Look for the old school green box.


Flinders Street Station, main concourse and subway near Elizabeth Street

Public transport hubs are always a good free toilet option. Inside Flinders Street Station the toilets are staffed whenever the trains are running, and with extra trains running on NYE that means it’s open basically all night. There’s also a 24-hour loo outside the station near the Elizabeth Street subway.


Melbourne Town Hall

You might already be familiar with the subterranean public toilets at Melbourne Town Hall. The ladies’ loo has been there since 1914 but alas men had to wait till the '60s. They’re open 24 hours, however, the convenient baby change facilities only stay open between 7am and 7pm daily.


Kings Domain Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Alexandra Avenue

Heading to Kings Domain to watch the fireworks? You won’t have to head far for a toilet stop with a unisex 24-hour loo available just down from the Alexandra Avenue-Boatside Drive-Linlithgow Avenue intersection.


Queen Victoria Gardens on Linlithgow Avenue

If you’re nearer Queen Victoria Gardens than Kings Domain you’re also in peeing paradise on NYE. On the south eastern side of the floral clock you’ll find somewhere to spend a penny. The toilet is unisex and accessible.


La Trobe Street & Russell Street

Men, you can’t spell urinals without 'u'. If you find yourself in need of a leak post Stalactites or Troika then boy do we have a deal for you. Near the Russell Street-La Trobe Street tram stop you’ll find a green box with male toilet facilities inside. Please use them.


Southbank Promenade (between Southbank Pedestrian Bridge and Sandridge Bridge)

For full-bladder salvation on the southern side of the river, head for the glittering box of respite/toilet between Sandridge Bridge and Southbank Pedestrian Bridge. It’s open day and night and has accessible facilities.

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