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The Aboriginal flag flying against a blue background.
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The Aboriginal flag to replace the Victorian flag on West Gate Bridge

Following a similar move by the NSW government, the flag is now set to permanently fly alongside the Australian flag

Adena Maier
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Adena Maier

Since 2019, the Aboriginal flag has been hoisted atop the West Gate Bridge alongside the Australian and Victorian flags for just the seven-day duration of NAIDOC week. But following a recent decision by the NSW government to make the flag a permanent fixture on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Victorian government has decided to follow suit. 

The Victorian flag has been taken down, with the Aboriginal flag taking its place to permanently fly alongside the Australian flag. Now, plans are underway to assess the possibility of adding additional poles to reinstall the Victorian flag and add the Torres Strait Islander flag. While the cost of this project is not yet known, the NSW government allocated $25 million for the installation of an additional flag pole.

In an interview on ABC News Afternoons, David Astle spoke with Kelly Lehmann, the chairperson of the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation, to gauge her thoughts on the importance of this decision.

"It definitely means representing inclusiveness," says Lehmann. "We are still here, we are thriving, and having that flag atop the West Gate on Bunarong country represents this. It's really great that our government has committed to this and that it's not just for a few days during NAIDOC week." 

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