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The best places to see spring flowers near Melbourne

Written by
Brooke Munday

The first rays of spring sunshine have peeked through Melbourne’s winter clouds, and we’re ready to clear out our black winter wardrobes and work some floral prints. Just kidding – Melburnians don’t wear colours. But just because we like to steer clear of anything that doesn’t have us blending into the night doesn’t mean we don’t like to see some flowers. So here is a list of all the best places to stop and smell the roses.

Gorge Scenic Drive, Beechworth Historic Park

3 hours from Melbourne by car

Gorge Scenic Drive
Photograph: Supplied

Take advantage of the Beechworth Historic Park walking tracks as you enjoy the wildflowers. And if you’ve got the time, pop on over to Mt Pilot for some sweeping views and great photo ops.

Best time for flowers: September to early October

Lerderderg campground area, Lerderderg State Park

1.5 hours from Melbourne by car

Lerderderg State Park
Photograph: Supplied

Closer to the CBD, this spot offers up a selection of heath, wattles, peas and orchids for your flowery perusal.

Best time for flowers: late September to October

Wildflower Drive, Greater Bendigo National Park

2.5 hours from Melbourne by car

Greater Bendigo National Park
Photograph: Supplied

You know a place is legit when it’s named ‘Wildflower Drive’. Visit Bendigo’s surrounding forest and stop by this strip of road for some colourful sights.

Best time for flowers: late September to October

Anglesea Heath, Great Otway National Park

2 hours from Melbourne by car

Photograph: Ewen Bell

Are you a firm believer in more is more? The Great Otway National Park is home to one-quarter of Victoria’s plant species.

Best time for flowers: mid to late spring onwards

Fabians Block, Terrick Terrick National Park

3 hours from Melbourne by car

Terrick Terrick National Park

If you’re looking for something a little less forest-y, Fabians Block is the perfect grassland spot to admire the daisies.

Best time for flowers: September

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden, Olinda, Dandenong Ranges

1 hour from Melbourne by car

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden
Photograph: Supplied

Want somewhere to view Victoria’s flowers with a few more amenities? Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens lets you take in its plant life on foot or on the garden explorer bus. And if you’re feeling peckish afterwards you can grab lunch at the café.

Best time for flowers: throughout spring. See the daffodils, hellebores and camellias in September, and rhododendrons and azaleas later in spring.

Werribee Park, Werribee

40 minutes from Melbourne by car

Werribee Park
Photograph: Supplied

For something a little more orderly, check out the Victorian State Rose Garden and grounds around Werribee Mansion.

Best time for flowers: roses from September to March, with the peak in November. Flowers around the Mansion from mid-September onwards.

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