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Meat Raffle Tray, Sausages, Steak, Knife
Photograph: Shutterstock/KucherAV

The Farmers Arms is still holding its weekly meat raffle

Written by
Jess Ho

There are certain traditions that we hold sacred as Australians. There's the Bunnings sausage sizzle, being forced to learn the recorder as a musical instrument in primary school, and the weekly meat tray raffle. While two of these traditions are on hold (unless you're a very patient music teacher giving online lessons), Daylesford's Farmers Arms is still running its weekly meat raffle.

Sure, you miss out on the camaraderie from drinking with your mates, the anticipation of the raffle in a room full of locals and the ultimate walk of victory to claim your tray of uncooked proteins when you actually do win, but this pub is committed to donating to a weekly charity and remaining a pillar of the local community as a 163-year-old boozer.

Along with its takeaway pub classics and a few packaged beers, the Farmers Arms sells its raffle tickets via its delivery portal. All you need to do is jump onto its Facebook page on Friday nights at 7.30pm to see if you've won. Obviously, you'll have to be a local to receive the package, otherwise, you'll be in for a very long drive (which is not recommended during this time).

As they say, you've got to be in it to win it. 

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