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A family walking through the Melbourne showgrounds smiling.

The seven coolest showbags at the Royal Melbourne Show

There's hundreds to choose from!

Rebecca Russo
Liv Condous
Written by
Rebecca Russo
Liv Condous

Some come to the Royal Melbourne Show for the rides, others come to marvel at the award-winning cakes, the woodchoppers, the pavilions filled with baby animals and champion dogs… or maybe we’re all just united in a mutual love of showbags. If you have a love for the latter, we’ve picked out the best showbags to choose from when you visit — there's more than 395 different ones this year, so it's quite a difficult decision! 


  • Bertie Beetle 60th Birthday Bag

Cost? $18
What’s inside? 20 Bertie Beetles choccies, plus your choice of a Bertie Beetle Helicopter Cap or a set of two Bertie Beetle Ceramic Egg Cups. (Retail value: $34) 

Why should you get it? It’s a special edition version of the beloved $5 OG showbag, and who doesn't love a helicopter hat? 

  • Bluey showbag

Cost? $32
What’s inside? A Bluey headband, Bluey backpack, Bluey bucket hat, Bluey silly straws, Bluey sticker pad, Bluey bag, Bluey tumbler and Bluey colouring pad. (Retail value: $76.55)      
Why should you get it? Bluey is Australia's pride and joy right now, so if you have a little one (or anyone) in your life who is a big fan, this is sure to win you some brownie points. 

  • Matildas showbag 

Cost? $30
What’s inside? Matildas Soccer Ball, Matildas Wrist Band, Matildas Drink Bottle, Matildas Keyring, Matildas Scarf and Matildas Bag. (Retail value: $92.82)
Why should you get it? While the Women's World Cup may be all done and dusted, that doesn't mean you can't show your 'Tillies pride! 

  • Rural Aid showbag 

Cost? $18
What’s inside? A Rural Aid Jute Shopper Bag, NO VAC Sanitiser & Deodoriser, Meat Mates Dog Food Pouch, Feline Natural Cat Food, Vetta Pasta x Rural Aid, The Kind Harvest Co. Flour, Wiltshire Clip n Pourer, White Glo Travel Size Toothpaste, Swisse Superfood Mixed Berry Chlorophyll 500ml, DU'IT Tough Hands Cream, Ocean Spray Craisins, Chang's Crunchy Fried Noodles, Grants Fresh Mint Toothpaste Mini, Golden Circle Refreshers, Dilmah Tea Sampler Pack, Dinnerly Discount Voucher Offer, Discount Voucher Offer, Otway Fly/Sealife Melbourne/Legoland Discount Voucher, Domino's Pizza Discount Voucher, Trident Sriracha Green Chilli Sauce 480ml, Sunrice Brown Rice Cup, SunRice Chicken Style Rice, Ar Fum Eternal Laundry Capsule. (Retail value: $290.87)
Why should you get it? It's for a good cause — a percentage of this showbag sale will be donated to Rural Aid, so they can further their good work helping farming communities Australia-wide. Heading into fire season, farmers definitely need our support right now. Plus, this showbag is crazy good value for money! 

  • The Pooch showbag 

Cost? $25
What’s inside? KONG Squeezz Tennis Ball, Prime 100 Air Dried Dog Treat, voucher offer, The Pooch tote bag, KONG Toy, BOW WOW Protein Bar, No Vac Pet Foam Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser, Meat Mates Dog Food, KONG Squezz Tennis Ball #2, BOW WOW Pea-Mutt Butter Roll. (Retail value: $83.07)
Why should you get it? Your four-legged furry friend will love you for it! 

  • Fantales showbag 

Cost? $40
What’s inside? A kilo of Allen's fantales chocolates. (Retail value $46.55)
Why should you get it? You won't be able to get Fantales for much longer! It was announced earlier this year that the beloved lolly is being discontinued for good! So get them while you can. 

  • World’s Biggest Jumbo showbag 

Cost? $25
What’s inside? 10 Kapow sour fizz drops, 10 Wham sour tongue painter, 8 x Wizz Fizz sherbet, Sour Madness Popping Candy, Warheads assorted flavours, fairy floss, icky sticky hand, 2 x Yupi baby bears, Zour Drops super sour drops, soft drink, large inflatable World's Biggest Jumbo bag, a whoopie cushion, a Gorilla bubble gum stick, JJ noodle snacks, Yupi big burger gummy, Finger Dip, 10 x Ghost drops, Stipple Rope candy, Yupi fruit cocktail, strawberry Karate Roller. (Retail value $46.10)
Why should you get it? It’ll last forever… or at least until Christmas. 

The Royal Melbourne Show is on at the Melbourne Showgrounds until Sunday, October 1. Check out our rundown of all the cool things happening this year here.

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