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This website will help you find Melbourne's perfect hot cross bun

Rebecca Russo

Everyone has their own opinion on how a hot cross bun should taste. Some of us like them dense. Some of us like them fruity. Or citrusy. Or spicy. Usually, the only way to figure out if a hot cross bun meets your taste preferences is to buy and try them all. While we’re big fans of supporting your local bakery (seriously, they deserve it after all those early mornings), there now exists a website that makes things a little easier.

Bunfight is a genius idea for a website. It was created by Takt Studio, and it lets you take a quiz to reveal your one true hot cross bun – or rather, which Melbourne bakery's bun suits your preferred tasting notes.

Bunfight Dench breakdown

Photograph: Supplied

For example, if you’re into dense, fruity, not-so citrusy but spicy buns, you’d get Woodfrog Bakery’s hot cross buns. These buns are full of sultanas and currants and pack a good amount of spice.

On the other hand, if you prefer light, less fruity, more citrusy buns with a hint of spice, you’d get Noisette hot cross buns, which are fluffy and packed with chunks of peel.

You can browse all the buns and compare them via intensely detailed tasting notes, too. And yes, your precious Coles and Woolies buns are included on the list as well.

Take the quiz here and find your one true hot cross bun love.

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