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Tipico is running Italian cooking classes via Zoom

And they'll deliver all the ingredients you need

Written by
Jess Ho

How many times have you tried to make gnocchi at home and ended up with a boiling pot full of mush or ended up eating bullets? Sometimes recipes may sound simple, but without an expert eye, can easily lead you astray. How helpful would it be if you could have someone look into your kitchen and tell you that you've added too much flour, have overworked your dough or even tell you that your pan isn't hot enough?

Tipico is offering you this service on Saturdays and will even deliver the ingredients you'll require straight to you (enough to feed four people), so there won't be a chance of having forgotten a main ingredient to the dish. The lessons will be conducted via Zoom, fortnightly on Saturdays at 11am. All you need to do is email Tipico for your ingredients box ($60 each), the team will deliver it and you'll receive instructions on how to connect to your masterclass. You can also purchase a bottle of wine with your ingredients box for $30. Drink it while cooking, or enjoy it with your meal once it is cooked. Both options are valid.

The upcoming class schedule is as follows:

July 25 – Pappardelle
August 8 – Gnocchi

Want more online classes? Read this. Spent your time in iso realising you can't cook? No judgement, get take out from one of these restaurants instead

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