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Underground Cinema is holding a secret costume and prop sale

Nic Dowse

If you’re a fan of dress-up parties, Halloween or just love looking flipping fantastic then mark February 3 in your diaries because secretive cinephiles Underground Cinema is clearing out their closet with a one-day warehouse sale.

Underground Cinema has built a cultish following with their immersive pop-up cinema experiences. You don’t just see a film – you’re surrounded by it. Each screening takes place at a different, undisclosed location where Underground Cinema’s team of actors recreate parts of the film live. As a result, they’ve accumulated a lot of costumes and props over the years, the majority of which will be at their Feb 3 sale.

Expect lots of crazy costumes, props and set design elements from the last eight years of Underground Cinema. They’ve created 30 different cinematic worlds during that time: you might find a trench coat from Casablanca or a Noh-style mask from Spirited Away.

You can nab items from as low as $5 and they'll have a barbecue slinging snags if you're hungry too. Just like their film screenings, Underground Cinema’s sale is taking place at a "secret" location – though if you sneakily check out their Facebook page you might just discover the truth.

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