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Victoria smashes its 1 million jabs vaccination target

And 70 per cent of those in regional Victoria have had at least one vaccination
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Cassidy Knowlton

Vax and the City: Every public health official in Australia agrees that mass vaccination is the only way out of this crisis. We at Time Out recommend that you get vaccinated as soon as you can, if that is appropriate for your own health. Please speak to a medical professional about what is right for you. Here's what you need to know about how to get a vaccine right now.

Victoria is one step closer again to saying goodbye and good riddance to lockdowns forever, with the state smashing its five-week goal of getting 1 million jabs into arms earlier than expected. As part of its "one million reasons to get vaccinated" campaign, the state set a goal of distributing 1 million vaccine doses in a five-week period from August 13. The millionth dose was given September 14, with the state reaching its target a few days ahead of its ambitious schedule. 

There's more good vaccine news, with 70 per cent of eligible regional Victorians having received at least one vaccine dose. Statewide, that figure is just over 67 per cent. Modelling from the Doherty Institute, which the national cabinet has accepted, recommends reopening venues and workplaces once 80 per cent of the eligible population has been fully vaccinated. Victoria is expected to scrap lockdowns entirely once that 80 per cent milestone is reached, although the premier has not yet issued a guarantee.

Premier Dan Andrews is expected to provide a 'roadmap to freedom' on Sunday, outlining what vaccination targets Victoria will have to hit to exit lockdown. The premier has already announced that as of September 23, the 5km bubble will be extended to 10km, and exercise time will be increased from two hours to three. Rumours have been circulating in recent days that more freedoms will be announced for September 23, but the government has not yet confirmed details. 

Do your part: Here's now to get a vaccine in Victoria right now.

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