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Windsor's new Firebird restaurant launches roast duck Fridays

Order the one thing you can't successfully cook at home

Written by
Jess Ho

Heard of Firebird? Probably not. This venue opened just before we were all told to go into isolation, so you probably missed the news about Commune Group (Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Tina, Neptune) opening a grill-focussed Vietnamese restaurant headed by ex-Long Chim chef Steven Ngo. 

What you do probably know is, a lot of Vietnamese cuisine is heavily influenced by the French due to the colonisation of the country for 70 years, giving us dishes like pho and banh mi. Firebird's version of the roast duck lends its flavour profile from the classic French dish duck a l'orange, rather than the traditional Chinese-influenced version, but we completely see the logic in that and applaud it. The end product will eat closer to the Asian-style of roast duck, due to its four-day process where the bird is brined, marinated, stuffed, dried and roasted with its accent of orange coming from purposely burnt citrus. Modern fusion built off history. Logical. Linear. Love it. 

Each duck is butchered and accompanied with egg noodles in chive oil, gai laan and sauce made from cooking juices, grilled orange and pickled ginger for $59 in total and can comfortably feed three people. Ducks are available for pick-up between 4.30-6.30pm on Fridays and must be pre-ordered online

Winner, winner, duck dinner.

Firebird is located at 223 High Street, Windsor 3181

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