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You can have a wizard-themed brunch next door to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

The Imperial Rooftop has been transformed into a carefully non-specific wizarding world, and now it is offering equally generic wizard-themed brunch. Dishes included Alakazam Avo (smashed avo), Bibbidi-Bobbidi Breakfast Salad (kale, squash, carrots and soft-boiled eggs) and Hocus Pocus Hotcakes (ricotta hotcakes with vanilla mascarpone). To keep you nice and toasty, the bar is also offering various potions, including a cauldron of mulled wine and a hot toddy with tea leaves (to read your fortune, of course, something a certain boy wizard was notoriously terrible at). 

The brunch is $60 per person and includes one brunch dish and unlimited beer, wine and potions (cocktails, if you're a Muggle) for two hours. 

The Imperial's wizarding pop-up used to be much more explicitly Harry Potter themed, but after a few choice words from Warner Brothers' legal team, the installation was taken down and a more generic wizard brush was applied. The Imperial is within a few metres of the Princess Theatre, where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is wowing sell-out audiences. If you're seeing part one and part two of the play in one day (and we recommend you do), the Imperial could be just the place to start your day and get you in a magical mood.

Need more Harry Potter? There's an entire store within walking distance of the theatre stuffed to the gills with merch. Just love brunch? Here are our faves.

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