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You can now fly nonstop between Bendigo and Sydney

Rebecca Russo

After a $5 million upgrade, Bendigo Airport will now run direct commercial flights to Sydney.

The airport redevelopment project, which was funded by the Labor government, has brought Bendigo Airport’s facilities up to the standard of other airports of comparable size. The upgrades included an extended and widened runway, an increase in hangar development and airport amenities, as well as the continued construction of a contemporary business park.

The return service between Sydney and Bendigo will be completed using Qantas Q300 Turboprop aircrafts (think smaller than the smallest Jetstar planes but bigger than most private planes) and will operate six days a week. As well as being a boost for local jobs, the Bendigo tourism board is hoping the new service will bring additional visitors to this regional city.

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Melbourne now has two international airports, in case you missed the news.

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