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You can now get a pizza with 150 kinds of cheese at 400 Gradi

400 Gradi pizza
Photograph: Supplied

How many cheeses is the right number for a pizza? Four cheeses? Five cheeses? How about 150 whopping cheeses? That's how many cheeses 400 Gradi, recently named the best pizza in Oceania, is putting on its pizza from Wednesday, September 5 to Sunday, September 10.

Owner and chef Johnnie Di Francesco has previously put together a 99-cheese pizza, but now 400 Gradi is going for the big cheese (yeah, we went there): 150 different kinds on one pizza.

What are all these kinds of cheese? Well, feast your eyes on these 150 bad boys: Agour Ossau Iraty 12mth; Alba Ricotta; Ambrosi Grana Padano 18m; Aphrodite Feta B/Aged; Artemis Kefalotyri; Asiago Pressata; Berrys Crk Riverine Blue; Berrys Creek Moss Blue; Berrys Creek Tarwin Blue; Studd Brillat Savarin; Snow White Goat Cheddar; Casa Madaio Canestrato; Casa Madaio Il Cinerino; Casa Madaio Paglierino; Chabert Emmental Savoie; Nyd Coolea; Nyd Cornish Kern; Cropwell Bishop Shropshire; Chevrefeuille Crottin; C/Grove Lamb Chopper; C/Grove Midnight Moon; Berthaut Epoisses Aop; K/Swiss First Konig Kuh; St Mamet Cantal Aop; Cravero Parm;  Reggiano 24m; Haxaire Munster Petit; Heidi Tilsit; Il Fort Cacio Di Bosco; Il Fort Pec. Toscano Dop; Jacquin Pyramide De Chab.; Jean Faup Chevre; Fromager Des Clarines; Perrin Secret De Scey; Perrin St Vernier; Kefalograviera; Lartisan Fermier Portion; Lartisan Fromage Blanc; Lartisan Mountain Man; Lartisan Petite Rouge; Lartisan Tome Fraiche; La Peral Blue Cheese; Germain Langres Plateau; Larrikins Bocconcini; Le Conquerant Pont Leveq; Le Conquerant Camembert; Le Dauphin Double Creme; Le Dauphin Soumaintrain; Secret De Lys; Monterey Jack Jalapeno; Monterey Jack Plain; W/Studd Comte La Couronne; Mauri Gorgonzola Dolce; Mauri Gorgonzola Piccante; Mauri Fontina; Meredith Chevre; Meredith Curd Goat; Meredith Feta Marinated; Milawa Blue; Milawa King Rvr Gold Rnd; Mimolette Aged Losfeld; Occelli Testun Di Barolo; Onetik Bleu Des Basque; Onetik Bleuette; Onetik Chabrin; Onetik Chebris; Onetik Ossau Iraty 6mth; Papillon Roquefort Aop; Pave Daffinois; Pecorino Romano Dop; Perenz Formajo Ciock; Perenz Millefoglie; Perenz Montasio 15mth; Perenz Ubriaco Di Capral; Valpad. Provo. Picc. Dop; Pyengana Mature Cheddar; Merco Mahon Curado 6mth; Merco Iberico; Merco Manchego 6mth; Merco Murcia Al Vino; Merco Valdeon; Quickes Devonshire Red; Quickes Smoked Cheddar; Ricotta Salata; Rouzaire Coulommiers; Rouzaire Fougerus; St Agur Blue Portion; Schulz Quark Organic; S&B Chevrot; S&B Mothais Sur Feuille; Shaw Rvr Annie Bax; Shaw Rvr Buffalino; Shaw Rvr Buffeta; Shaw Rvr Buffalino Smk; Swiss Gruyere; K/Swiss Nufenen; K/Swiss Blumenkase; Tatura Cream Cheese; T/Amore Scamorza Smoked; T/Amore Scamorza Bianca; Chabert Beaufort Alpage; Capitoul Caprinelle Chevre; Uplands Pleasant Ridge; Vacherin Le Duc; Nyd Wensleydale; W/Studd Stilton; W/Side Charleston Tiny; Wbye Truffle Triple Brie; Yvd White Savourine Log; Yvd Black Sav Pyramid; Yvd Fromage Frais Cow; Yvd Le Jack; Yvd Yering; Yvd Persian Fetta Jar; Heidi Raclette; T/Amore Squacarone; T/Amore Stracciatella; Milawa Camembert Goat; Merco San Simon Smoked; Mauri Formaggella Capra; Cabot Cheddar Clothbound; W/Side Goat Hot Tin Roof; Jacquin Rond Du Cher; Cashel Blue; Crozier Blue; Garrotxa; Pecorino Toscano; Pecorino Romano; Pec Noredepienzo; Gorgonzola – Pricante; Gorgonzola Dolce; Provola Cheese; Sovrano Di Bufala; Grana Padana; Parmigiana; Fiordilatte; Bufala; Raspadura; Toma; Pecorino Siciliano; Pecorino Emilia; Goat Cheese Italiano Sardegna; Goat Cheese Spagna; Stravevcchio Friuli (Cows Milk 30 Months Old); Cacioricotta; Primo Sale; Stracchino; Smoked Bufala; Buffola Ricotta; St Angel Triple Cream Blue; and Taleggio. 

You can get this incredible feat of pizza engineering at 400 Gradi Crown; Southbank; Brunswick East; Eastland; and Essendon. And it's only $25 for a whole pizza. 

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