Bug Dinner

Tartare and crispy artichokes
Photograph: Matt Houston

Would you pay $140 to eat bugs?

Tempura cricket san choy bow and ant crêpes — highly nutritious or not so delicious? Next month, Fitzroy’s Grub Food Van presents Bug Dinner, a sustainable, ‘harvest style’ tasting event.

Bugs are an environmentally friendly food source and are packed with as much nutrition as fish. To explore this further, the Environmental Film Festival Australia has teamed up with Ben Mac of The Social Food Project, Supernormal and Top Paddock, to investigate sustainable ways to gain protein. The future of food is environmentally conscious, and as Mac says, “this is a great opportunity to communicate more sustainable ways of eating food, that is also social, exciting, and of course, delicious”.

Come with an open mind, and get ready to taste the food of the future.

By: Rebecca O'Malley

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