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Clipboard Hospitality is here to tackle the mental health crisis in the hospitality industry

Industry professionals can create a profile, find job listings and access mental health resources and local events


Following what has been an incredibly tumultuous two-year period for the hospitality industry, it’s no surprise that the industry is rife with mental health issues and a lack of employment support. 

Led by Brendan Leeds, a passionate hospitality professional, Clipboard Hospitality is an online platform created to combat the pain points felt by the global hospitality industry as a whole and to steer it towards a brighter future. The platform features a ‘hospo board’ where users can stay up to date on new job listings, events and news in the industry, with the ability for job-seekers to create a profile that acts as a digital CV, letting them detail their skills, experience and even share photos related to their practice.

It’s more than just an employment platform, though. With mental health issues only on the rise due to burnout and poor working conditions, wellness is at the forefront of the platform’s purpose. Users have access to tailored well-being courses designed specifically for hospitality workers, as well as local community events and resources. 

Local businesses can join as hospitality wellbeing ambassadors, by sponsoring one of Clipboard’s wellness programs to help create a new normal for the industry. There’s also the ability to come on board as an official Clipboard partner, joining other movers and shakers of the hospo world – including the Prince, Mitchelton, Quest and Foodservice Australia – to help shape a positive hospitality culture and become a relevant voice within the industry.

Signing up the platform is completely free – all you need is an email address to join the already huge global community of over 47,000 members. 

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