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Sweethearts Gelato

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    Photograph: CHIP MOONEY

Time Out says

A 100 per cent plant-based gelato store has landed in Preston

While we certainly have no shortage of excellent ice cream and gelato stores in Melbourne, Sweethearts Gelato, which is landing in Preston, is upping the cool factor: it's officially 100 per cent plant-based.

Founder Ellie Maron – who, as the owner of local joints Fried Hustle and Cornutopiais already very familiar with the Preston foodie scene – is passionate about bringing food that's good for the planet to the people of Melbourne.

Maron's gelato is free from dairy, eggs and other animal products, but full of love, flavour and only the freshest ingredients. Sweethearts Gelato uses organic, locally sourced produce with sustainable packaging, ensuring your next sweet treat is one you can feel good about, too. 

So gone are the days when all vegans could expect was a few token sorbet flavours. At Sweethearts Gelato, you can enjoy creamy eco-friendly scoops like dirty peppermint, roasted almond, caramel sea salt, Biscoff cream dream, caramelised pear and bitter chocolate. And for those looking for a lighter lick, there are plenty of fresh fruity flavours to choose from such as bloody orange, mango heart and strawberry sunshine. 

Pop down to Preston on the grand opening weekend of February 18-19, and celebrate with $2 scoops! For more information on all the details, flavours and more, head to Sweetheart Gelato's Instagram page.

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Jade Solomon
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Jade Solomon


344 High Street
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