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Sashimi from Uminono
Tatiana C C Scott Photography

Time Out says

Chirashi translates literally from Japanese to “scattered” – but that's the opposite of how you will feel after a blissful and tranquil afternoon at Unimono

There are 6 seats at the chirashi bar at Uminono. It is only open for two lunch sittings, 5 days of the week. There are roughly 5 million people who live in Melbourne. That means during any given week, you have approximately a 0.000012% chance of snagging one of those coveted seats. Given the statistics, we almost kept this one an in-house secret, but our altruistic nature, and deep love of sharing the best of the best with you, got the better of us.

Uminono found an unexpected but welcoming home inside St Edmonds Café in Prahran, a little over a year ago, and has expeditiously cemented its niche position as a major (albeit tiny) player in Melbourne’s food scene.

Chirashi translates literally from Japanese to mean “scattered.” And that is exactly the opposite of how you will feel after a blissful and tranquil afternoon spent eating chirashi at Uminono. Luckily there are only three things on the menu, otherwise it would simply be too hard to choose. The three chirashi bowls on offer include expected ingredients of the highest quality, with a few unexpected additions, think roasted cashews, spring onion oil and lime zest.

While we don’t generally advocate for take-out when you can dine-out, given the extremely limited seats at Uminono, and the exceptional quality of their take-home food, if you can’t secure a booking in the near future, treat yourself with one of their deluxe, beautiful sushi boxes (but be sure to order well in advance).

Jade Solomon
Written by
Jade Solomon


Rear, 154 Greville St
Opening hours:
Tue-Sat 11:30-7pm
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