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8 great things to buy from the NGV design store during the Triennial

These fantastic finds mean you can take the Triennial home with you

NGV triennial book pattern
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll Styling: Natalie Turnbull
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If you’ve already visited the NGV Triennial you’ll know how massive it is (more than 100 artists from 32 countries, to be exact). From Pae White’s trippy coloured thread rooms to Ron Mueck’s horde of giant resin skulls, the Triennial is shaping up to be one of the NGV’s most popular (and interactive) exhibitions. Alas, the Triennial ends in April but luckily you can keep the magic of the exhibit alive with something special from the NGV design store.

For more insight into this blockbuster exhibition, check out the 10 artworks you must see.

NGV Triennial catalogue
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

NGV Triennial 2017, $59.95

Relive all your jaw-dropping, thought-stirring, flower-exploding memories of the first NGV Triennial with the official catalogue. Take a deeper look inside the Triennial, with 50 thought leaders unpacking the exhibition through essays, opinion pieces and creative response. Plus with its slick minimalist cover it will look super flash on your coffee table.

NGV Triennial My Contemporary Art Book
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

My Contemporary Art Book, $14.95

Art is for everyone and that includes kids. My Contemporary Art Book takes children on a journey with some of the world’s leading contemporary artists, sharing their stories and engaging young minds with interactive art activities. Inspire your budding Kahlo or Picasso with the likes of Ron Mueck, Jorge Méndez, Alexandra Kehayoglou and more.

NGV Triennial 'Other People' tote bag
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

‘Other People’ Tote Bag, $9.95

If you enjoyed Kushana Bush’s colourful yet strangely tesselating gouache paintings in the NGV Triennial then make sure the world totally knows it with an ‘Other People’ tote bag. Featuring a detail of the prismatic artwork, the tote bag is sure to make “other people” jealous.

NGV Triennial Hahan tote bag
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

Hahan Tote Bag, $9.95

Indonesian artist Hahan (aka Uji Handoko Eko Saputro) combines Javanese mythology with pop culture, giving his works a cartoon appeal reminiscent of Reg Mombassa or even Roy Lichtenstein. The NGV design store has collaborated with the pop-tastic artist to create some smart looking merch as part of the Triennial. Grab this tote for a bag that stands out in the crowd.

NGV Triennial Manga Chairs poster
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

‘Manga Chairs Sketch’ Poster, $19.95

We bet you’ve never thought what a chair looks like as much as Oki Sato, head of the design firm Nendo. And while you can’t take home one of his Manga Chairs (fitting them in the car would be a headache) you can take home a print showcasing each and every chair’s powerful sense of shape and line.

NGV Triennial 'I Hate Email' T-shirt
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

'I Hate Email' T-shirt, $69.95

Has there ever been a more relatable T-shirt than Olaf Breuning's 'I Hate Email' T-shirt? Let the world know how much you too dislike electronic mail with this simple white T-shirt featuring one of Breuning's cheeky linear illustrations: in this case it's ET phoning home (to tell them how much he hates emailing we presume). For the full effect wear the shirt on your first day back in the office. 

NGV Triennial 'I like books' drawstring bag
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

'I Like Books' Kids Drawstring Bag, $9.95

Ok so technically this bag is for kids but it’s so cute we reckon adults can rock it too. The sweet little drawstring bag is illustrated with a picture from My Contemporary Art Book making it the perfect add on. The bag is made from 100 per cent cotton and is the most fashionable way for your tiny human to advertise their love for literature.

NGV Triennial Hahan temporary tattoos
Photograph: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

Hahan Temporary Tattoo Set, $8.50

Tattoos are as Melbourne as trams or AFL. That being said not everyone likes to go down the permanent route – so why not pretty up yourself with some Hahan temporary tatts? The colourful temporary tattoos come in packs of six and feature creatures in Hahan’s distinct poppy style.

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