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A man using face wash by the brand Stuff.
Photograph: Stuff

The best Australian skincare brands for men

These homegrown brands have face washes, moisturisers and scrubs to help keep your skin clean, healthy and smelling good

Adena Maier
Written by
Adena Maier

You might be thinking that the only difference between skincare for men and skincare for women is branding and the scent, but that's actually not true: male skin tends to be tougher and thicker, produce more oil and is more likely to have deeper wrinkles. That's why these brands have formulated products that address those qualities to ensure your skin looks healthy and smooth. From anti-aging formulas to products that combat dry and flaky skin, you'll find something here that addresses your specific skin needs. 

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When Jack Campbell created the skincare brand Hiz, his goal was to create powerful and effective skin and body care products for the everyday man. After a few years of development, he achieved that goal and formulated a range of four products: a moisturiser, a daily facial cleanser, a two-in-one scrub and mask and a purifying daily toner. Made entirely with organic and natural ingredients, the products are also packaged into recyclable and sustainable containers to keep your skincare routine guilt-free. Shop the range through the website

There's a lot of information about skincare floating around these days, and if you count yourself among those who can't be bothered diving into research or getting an advanced skin diagnosis, then check out Next Chapter Skin. The products, which are made in Melbourne under medical guidance, distil your skincare routine into just three steps: a deep daily cleanser, a serum and a hydration-boosting moisturiser. How easy is that? Shop the full range through the website


On top of offering high-quality, Australian-made and vegan products Stuff is also working to address the issue of toxic masculinity through its partnership with the Man Cave. This charitable organisation works to address toxic masculinity through programs and events for young men. How good is it when an awesome product can also line up with your value system? Pick up the face wash made from charcoal, aloe vera and almond oil that helps to regulate oil production and control breakouts for soft, clean and smooth skin. Browse the full range of products on the Stuff website

Men's skin is generally thicker, oilier and more porous than a woman's so Tony & Munro's skincare line uses formulas that are more absorbent, non-greasy and pore minimising. If you struggle with oily skin, try the shine control moisturiser and primer which helps to hydrate and tighten your skin and leaves you with a matte finish. The hydrating eye gel is great for men struggling with redness, dark circles and tired-looking eyes. Shop the full range of skincare and cosmetics on the Tony & Munro website


Dave founded this brand after noticing that his age was creeping up on him and starting to show on his skin. He wanted to do something about it so he started researching effective and natural skincare products. If you've also started to notice some signs of ageing that you'd like to address or you'd like to get ahead of the problem, try the anti-ageing skincare set. It comes with a daily face wash, moisturiser and eye cream but the star of the show is the anti-ageing elixir. There are also hydrating skincare sets, face masks and anti-breakout kits. Shop the full range on the Aussie Man's website

According to the Groomed Man Co, there are three things you need for a fresh face: a great moisturiser, gentle cleanser and an exfoliant. To make things effortless on your end, you can get all three of these products in one convenient kit. The products use sustainable, natural ingredients like kaolin clay, green tea extract and magnetite that help to control excessive oil production, leave skin smooth and work to keep your skin from ageing prematurely. You can browse the full range of men's face care products on the Groomed Man Co's website


The Made for Man range is infused with more than 30 Australian native botanical ingredients and each product is vegan, cruelty-free, natural and sustainable. Start off by figuring out your skin type using this handy guide. Once you know what your problem areas are, you can browse the site for products that target these issues. You can browse the full range of cleansers, moisturisers, masks and serums on the Made for Man website

This brand, which is the brother to female skincare line Go-To, started off as a Father's Day joke in 2016. The brand realised that boyfriends, husbands and brothers often 'borrow' female skincare products but refuse to buy them because of the effeminate packaging. In response to this, a grey version of the female skincare line was created. It ended up becoming super popular so by 2020, Bro-To was relaunched as its own serious brand featuring a facial cleanser, face and beard oil, daily moisturiser and more. Shop the full range of products on Bro-To's website


Husband and wife team Elliot and Susie Waldron founded Hunter Lab after growing frustrated at how many synthetic and chemical products there were on the skincare market. They decided to collaborate with one of Australia's top green chemists to develop a brand of natural and botanical skincare that uses ingredients like avocado oil, Australian black clay and sea minerals from the Whitsundays. Shop cleansers, scrubs, masks, moisturisers, sunscreen and more on the Hunter Lab website

Some of the skincare brands on this list are on the pricier side, but if you're looking for great products that don't break the bank you can try the Australian-made Charles and Lee. Every product in its skincare range is below the $30 mark and you can get a face wash and moisturiser for under $50. Instead of paying for branding and marketing, you're paying for high-quality natural ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free and RSPO certified. Browse the full selection of products on the Charles and Lee website


While Kiehl's isn't an Australian brand, we've included it because of its popularity here and its no-nonsense ingredients list. Did you know it was one of the first brands to put its ingredients list on the back of its products? Shop the vitamin-enriched everyday skincare line for men which is infused with ingredients like caffeine, vitamins C and E and menthol. Formulated specifically for men, these ingredients awaken your skin and give it a fresher, healthier appearance. Browse the full range of skincare products for men through the Kiehl's website

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