Please, Continue (Hamlet)

Theatre, Performance art
Please Continue Hamlet 2017 Melbourne Festival supplied production still photographer credit Magali Girardin
Photograph: Magali Girardin

Recent history and Elizabethan drama overlap in this live court case, putting Shakespeare's anti-hero on trial

Dutch provocateurs Roger Bernat and Yan Duyvendak took inspiration from a real life murder case and Shakespeare's tragedy to create this unique fusion of theatre and legal trial. Three actors (cast locally) will play the characters of Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude, alongside real-life barristers, a judge, and court psychologist, in a 'mock trial' of Hamlet for the murder of Polonius. Near the end of the performance, 12 audience members will be selected to form a jury. "If only we could start doing this around the world, I think justice would be better," says artistic director Jonathan Holloway, who programmed Please, Continue (Hamlet) for his second Melbourne Festival.

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