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Generic Hosier Lane raining
Photograph: Creative Commons

The most Melbourne ways to lose your wallet

If you leave your wallet on a tram or lose it in a laneway, you can lock your Bank of Melbourne card with their handy Card Lock feature.

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Dropped your wallet in the Yarra while trying to perform a Birdman stunt at Moomba? Lost it while switching outfits during the frustratingly changeable weather? 

Don't worry: Bank of Melbourne has your back. The Card Lock feature in their mobile banking app allows you to temporarily lock your Bank of Melbourne card wherever you are, while you figure out where on Earth it could be. You can even use the mobile app to get cash out of your Complete Freedom account while waiting for a replacement card.

The most Melbourne ways to lose your wallet

Fireworks at Moomba festival melbourne
Fireworks at Moomba festival melbourne
Photograph: CC/Chris Phutully

Bellyflopping into the Yarra River during Moomba

You take a deep breath as you approach the platform, adjusting your feathers and tail. You've spent months studying the laws of aerodynamics and building a flying suit. You're ready to lift off into the skies during Melbourne's Birdman Rally, everyone's favourite event of Melbourne's weirdest festival, Moomba. Helmet securely on, you run towards the end of the platform and launch yourself into the air. You've achieved the ultimate dream, human fli... oh wait. You are suddenly in the Yarra, with soggy feathers floating in all directions, a mouth full of mud and ohh... yep. That is your wallet, slipping free of your pocket and drifting down the murky depths. 

Squeezing into Bar Americano

Bars Cocktail bars Melbourne

You and your four closest friends have decided to visit Melbourne's achingly hip teeny-tiny Bar Americano. The good news: the cocktails are just as good as they say. The bad news: the space is so tiny that as you try to cram into the postage stamp-sized space, you hear a rip in your pants. You don't think much of it, but as you reach for your wallet you realise that sound was your pants being just a wallet-width too wide to fit in the space. Bye-bye, bank cards and ID. You guess your mate will have to pick up the tab on your Negroni. 

Hosier Lane 2017
Hosier Lane 2017
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Turning it into brilliant street art

Art Melbourne

You're wandering down Hosier Lane, arguably Melbourne's street-art nerve centre, when inspiration strikes. You decide to let your creativity fly free and add to the gorgeous murals lining the walls on both sides of the laneway. You don't have a paintbrush, but you do have a wallet, and creativity can't be held down with mundane details. So you use the wallet as a paintbrush, creating a masterpiece. In fact, the art would be even better if you just left the wallet there, as a testament to the temporary nature of capitalism, or something. It's perfect. 

Letting the good times roll at Le Bon Ton

Restaurants Collingwood

Is there such a thing as having too much of a good time? There just might be at New Orleans-themed bar/restaurant/late-night delight Le Bon Ton, whose kitchen will serve you 50c wings, $1 oysters and delightful drinks until 5am on Fridays and Saturdays. The good news: you managed to work your way through a fair whack of brisket and fried chicken before moving onto the late-night menu and keeping the party going. The bad news: somehow while you were living the "laissez les bons temps rouler" life, your wallet decided to bail. 

Rainy day
Rainy day
Photograph: Freddie Marriage, Unsplash

Making a quick outfit change for the weather

It's a beautiful sunny day, perfectly 20 degrees with scarcely a cloud in the sky. You are enjoying the warmth on your bare arms, when suddenly you feel a drop of something. Then there's another, then another, and in ten seconds flat it is pouring rain and the temperature has dropped to an icy 11 degrees. No worries; you're a Melburnian, so you dig in your bag and pull out your emergency cardigan, beanie and umbrella. You're ready for anything, when the weather suddenly clears and it's humid, overcast and warm. Back into the bag go the umbrella, jumper and beanie, but in all the wardrobe changes, your wallet somehow fell out and is now swimming in a puddle somewhere in the CBD. 

Bank of Melbourne T&Cs

Generic Night Club
Photograph: Time Out

Card lock will temporarily stop all future card transactions on a Visa debit or personal credit card for 15 days, unless you reactivate or cancel your card earlier. This means all
scheduled or recurring payments using your card details will be stopped, but any direct debits on a linked bank account will continue as usual. Daily and weekly limits apply to Cardless Cash transactions, subject to account daily max limits. Read the terms and conditions at before making a decision and consider if the product is right for you.


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