The absolute best pizza in Miami to try right now

Whether you’re craving thin, crispy or cheesy, our guide to the best pizza in Miami will lead you to the perfect slice
Photograph: Courtesy Crust

If you’re in the mood for a slice, you’re in luck. The best pizza in Miami is easier to come by than ever—whether from a window in Wynwood, at an Italian restaurant in downtown Miami or a New York-style joint in South Beach. Delicious pies are in abundance but, thankfully, so are Miami’s best gyms, lest you forget it’s beach season year-round. Hungry for pizza? Miami restaurants have you covered.

Best pizza in Miami

LUCALI basil pizza
Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz
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icon-location-pin South Beach

What is it? Unlike the rest of New York in Miami at any given time, this Sunset Harbour outpost of the famed Brooklyn-based pizza shop is not a snowbird. Find it in Miami year-round.
Why go? Where most places sell only slices, Lucali is one of the few restaurants to sell NY-style pizza as a big, cheesy pie. Go with friends and order a plain cheese to share. The thin-crust pizza doesn’t need much else, save for extra fresh basil, which you can ask for free of charge.

Frankie's Pizza
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/MickeyBlue I.
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Frankie’s Pizza

icon-location-pin Olympia Heights

What is it? This family-owned pizza joint has been doling out square-cut pies since 1955.
Why go? Fans of extra-crispy dough will love Frankie’s half-baked option that lets you finish off your pizza at home. You’ll have to pick it up (the shop still only partners with a handful of third-party delivery services within close range) but you’ll be rewarded with a free slice to go. Yep, every pick-up order comes with a free slice.

Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Thomas Hawk
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Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza

icon-location-pin Little Haiti / Lemon City

What is it? This O.G. of Miami’s brick-oven pizza game is housed in a historical MiMo-era building designed by celebrated modernist architect Robert Law Weed.
Why go? Andiamo is one of Miami’s most unique pizza restaurants thanks to a mostly outdoor dining area that features picnic tables and projection screens, where flicks and sports games are regularly shown.

Stanzione 87
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Will G.
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Stanzione 87

icon-location-pin Brickell

What is it? This Brickell restaurant sells traditional Neapolitan pizza baked to order in a shiny, wood-fired oven.
Why go? You’re a purist who loves real-deal pizza from Naples. Stanzione 87, previously certified by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, ships its ingredients straight from Italy and makes its delicious, hand-pulled mozzarella in-house. Delivery is available but strongly discouraged—pizza boxes are no friend to a freshly baked thin-crust pie.

Crust pizza
Photograph: Courtesy Crust
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icon-location-pin Overtown

What is it? This chef-driven Italian spot is owned by Klime Kovaceski and his wife Anita. It’s more than a pizza shop, where you can just as easily feast on a slice of pepperoni, tender meatball the size of your head or a heaping bowl of pasta.
Why go? When you tire of wispy pies, try this one: Crust’s crust strikes the ideal balance between thin and crispy and soft and doughy. The thicker base (available as a gluten-free alternative) allows for more toppings; build your own from a list or choose a specialty pie like the bbq chicken or meat layered pizza.

Pizza Tropical at Gramps
Photograph: Courtesy Gramps Bar and Music
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Pizza Tropical at Gramps

icon-location-pin Wynwood

What is it? This tiny pizza window in the back patio at Gramps makes one of the best New York-style pizza in Miami.
Why go? The best decision you’ll make after too many of Gramps’ famous Moscow Mules is a slice from Pizza Tropical. The second? Ordering it topped with sliced mushrooms (they don’t do the canned kind) and fresh basil.

Farinelli 1937
Photograph: Courtesy Farinelli 1937
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Farinelli 1937

icon-location-pin West Coconut Grove

What is it? This Italian pizzeria in Coconut Grove pays tribute to owner Maurizio Farinelli's grandmother and her eponymous pizzeria in Bologna.
Why go? Like most popular restaurants in the neighborhood, Farinelli offers the opportunity to dine outdoors. Take a seat in the shady courtyard and cue up the prosecco, fresh-baked focaccia and any of Farinelli’s signature pizzas—which are cooked in a copper-coated, wood-burning oven that heats up to a fiery 800°F.

Harry's Pizzeria
Photograph: Courtesy The Genuine Hospitality Group
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Harry’s Pizzeria

icon-location-pin Design District

What is it? James Beard Award-winning Michael Schwartz’s local pizza chain serves up gourmet-style pies, fresh salads and crave-worthy snacks—from polenta fries and meatballs to chicken wings.
Why go? Even the standard pepperoni gets the chef treatment at Harry’s, featuring chili oil, fontina and arugula instead of the usual meat-and-mozzarella combo. After the Margherita, your options of toppings run the gamut from rock shrimp to short rib to slow-roasted pork.

Ironside Pizza
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Tommaso M.
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Ironside Pizza

icon-location-pin Little River

What is it? Tucked away in Miami’s historic Upper Eastside neighborhood, Ironside Pizza whips up thin-crust, wood-fired pizza and a variety of other classic Italian dishes.
Why go? The industrial space and indoor/outdoor seating make for a cool vibe. Plus, there’s Ironside’s ever-popular BYOB policy, which the restaurant offers at no extra charge despite having a sizeable wine list of its own.

Photograph: Courtesy Visa-01
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What is it? The classic Margherita from this tiny pizza joint inside a South Beach office building made so much noise it launched Mister-01’s mini-chain of restaurants.
Why go? Whether it’s from SoBe, Brickell and now Wynwood, which touts pizza-making classes, Mister-01’s Italian pies are all made with imported dough. For an epicurean take on America’s favorite stuffed-crust, try Mister-01 Star Luca—a star-shaped pizza with folded points that are filled with San Marzano sauce, ricotta, Calabrese salami and fresh basil.

Tio Colo
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Tio Colo
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Tío Colo

icon-location-pin Hialeah Gardens

What is it? No Miami pizza roundup would be complete without a nod to Cuban pizza. Tio Colo’s isn’t the original purveyor but this Hialeah restaurant has perfected the formula—doughy with crispy edges and oozing with mozzarella and Gouda cheese.
Why go? Cuban pizza resembles Detroit-style deep dish, made with a dense dough that’s left out to rise and plump longer. The thick crust is the perfect vehicle for picadillo, sweet plantains and other Latin toppings you’d only find on a pie conceived in Havana.

Miami's Best Pizza
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Andy C.
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Miami’s Best Pizza

icon-location-pin Coral Gables

What is it? Following a four-year hiatus, the landmark pizza joint—a Miami fixture since 1970—reopened across the street from its original location just next door to the University of Miami.
Why go? Nostalgia, but also good-tasting cheap pizza. Miami’s Best delivers on its name, serving simple, New York-style slices and oversize hand-tossed pies. In case you’re wondering, the new location uses the same ingredients and features the original oven.

Joey's, Restaurants and cafes, Miami
Photograph: Simon Hare
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icon-location-pin Wynwood

What is it? This Wynwood pioneer remains one of the few Italian restaurants in the arty neighborhood. Its thin-crust pizza was voted among the country’s best by Food & Wine magazine.
Why go? Ten years later, Joey’s hasn’t lost its edge. Most pizzas are still priced under $20 and the flavor combinations are as inventive as ever, though the one to order is the Dolce e Piccante (fig, gorgonzola, honey and hot peppers).

Ricky's South Beach
Photograph: Courtesy Ricky's South Beach
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Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

icon-location-pin South Beach

What is it? NYC’s favorite drunk food is now South Beach’s. Find Artichoke’s pizza window inside Ricky’s, the neon-lit bar known for its arcade games and extended daily happy hour.
Why go? Unlike New York, this Artichoke has plenty of tables and chairs for your late-night feasting. First-timers tend to go for the spot’s namesake slice—artichoke hearts, spinach, cream sauce—but regulars know to stick to the Sicilian, a twice-baked square slice that’s lighter and crispier.

‘O Munaciello Miami
Photograph: Courtesy ‘O Munaciello Miami/Chris Carter
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‘O Munaciello Miami

icon-location-pin Little Haiti / Lemon City

What is it? The Miami outpost of this Florence pizzeria serves up authentic Neapolitan pies, which are made fresh to order and baked crispy in the open kitchen’s large brick oven.
Why go? ‘O Munaciello is one of the restaurants in the city to offer carbon-style pizza that’s made with a charcoal-infused dough, which supposedly aids in digestion. Slightly charred and packed with flavor, this pizza tastes good and is easier on the stomach than others.

Pizza Rustica, Restaurants and cafes, Miami
Photograph: Courtesy Pizza Rustica
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Pizza Rustica

icon-location-pin South Beach

What is it? Small and cramped, Pizza Rustica’s standing-room-only space doesn’t deter hungry night owls from refueling on Tuscan-style pizzas. This spot opens early and stays open late. Why go? Square slices of thin crust, deep dish and a smattering of other pizza styles, which you’ll find topped both simply and extravagantly—from meatball with sweet red onions and barbecue chicken to rosemary potato and goat cheese. One slice is a meal. Watching your carbs? Mind your diet with the $8 build-your-own salad, which comes with a generous sample of the slice du jour.

Paulie Gee's
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Julie R.
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Paulie Gee's

icon-location-pin Miami

What is it? Yet another NY import, this Brooklyn-based chain is known for its wood-fired pizza with unusual names. From regular and specialty pies to vegan varieties, Paulie Gee’s doesn’t skimp on toppings or options.
Why go? This is not the place for plain cheese. (Even the Keeping It Simple Stupid Margherita features fresh mozzarella and Italian tomatoes.) Paulie Gee’s sells dozens of punny pies, most of them brimming with toppings and some more unusual than others—anyone for clams on their pizza. The dessert option with Nutella, pears and powdered sugar is a clear winner.

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