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12 sure-fire bets for best boozy brunch in Montreal

When you’re getting friends together and enjoying the best boozy brunch in Montreal, blood(y Mary) is thicker than water

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Isa Tousignant
JP Karwacki
Tommy Dion

UPDATE, May 2022: Now that the dust has settled and restaurants are back at full capacity, we've revisited our list of the best boozy brunch in Montreal where you can dine with both all-you-can-drink mimosas as well as spots that are happy to whip up cocktails as early as 10am on the weekend. Remember to tip generously and be patient with service staff as the industry continues to lick its wounds after the last two years.

If weekends are synonymous with brunch, and you’re brunching in a city synonymous with booze like this one, and that means getting plastered and pampered with the best boozy brunch in Montreal with all-you-can-drink mimosas and more. All those hangovers from the best bars and best clubs in Montreal need a brunch service worth its weight in Bennies and Bellinis—thankfully, we’ve done ourselves dirty enough times to know where the most escellent hair of the dog and a big platefuls of delicious eats can be found to soak up regrets. We’re talking taking the best breakfast in Montreal and turning it to 11 with these spots, where both the drinks menu and the food make leaving bed well worth it.

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Time Out Market Montreal
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We would be happy just to eat a two-egg plate for breakfast at any old spot, but we know that brunch can be so much more than that. And at Time Out Market Montréal? It's ten times what you think brunch can be: On Saturdays and Sundays from opening until 3 p.m., every single eatery at the Market is going to be making a special dish to blow your weekend out of the water.

Breakfast pizzas and brunch poutines? Middle Eastern, Indian and Japanese brunch dishes? You can sign yourself up for all of it, but the best way to experience it will be bring a bunch of people and try a larger selection of dishes together, all while knocking back some of the special cocktail pitchers that have been crafted for the occasion (click below for the menu).

Where to find the best boozy brunch in Montreal

Following hot on the heels of the evening and lunch services at this Italo-Japanese restaurant at the southern gate of Montreal's Chinatown, Tiramisu now cooks up a Più Che Perfetto brunch that mixes up cuisines with a booze morning service. Running from 10am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays, it just goes to show that it's never too early to eat pasta or pizza with a brunch of cocktails.

Located in the heart of Old Montreal, Wolf and Workman not only offers gourmet dishes that have everything to get you back on your feet after a big night out, but every weekend it's all-you-can-drink mimosas for $35. Dine on Scotch eggs, mushroom omelettes, blueberry-bacon pancakes, or a traditional full English breakfast—whatever your heart desires.

Waiter, another round of mimosas please!


All-you-can-drink mimosas is good, but all-you-can-drink mimosas, beers and ciders is even better, and all-you-can-drink mimosas, beers, ciders plus a food menu is just incredible!

For $35 with a reservation ($40 without a reservation), it happens at the microbrewery Le Saint-Houblon, which now has two locations in Montreal. Among the all-you-can-eat options are scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, beer sausage pogos, pastries and berries, okonomiyaki, tomato and beans and more.

Head to Mile Ex for this microbrewery, where the nighttime party vibe makes way to a sunny, heart-warming experience on weekend mornings. The peach leather seats and blonde wood drop-ceiling make for a beautiful context in which to rectify your aching soul. Cure your hangover with one of their light sour brews or a house cocktail and a giant plateful of meat’n’eggs chosen from the brunch buffet. The selections change all the time and keep up with the seasons (catch it during sugaring off time for an extra special maple-tastic experience).


This Spanish-influenced Villeray spot is best known as a happening nighttime hangout, but those in the know head there for brunch too. Pair a pitcher of their signature pineapple sangria with garlicky, creamy patatas bravas and a sunny side egg, or a morning cassoulet featuring spicy chorizo, beans, tomato and eggs. On the sweet side, the thin, buttery crepes with caramelized apples and funky Manchego cheese are a must.

When you ask Montreal chefs where they eat when it’s not in their own places, 90% answer this Little Burgundy icon. That’s because it’s home to rich, indulgent, comforting food that’s creative and nonchalant all at once (and being home to one of the best burgers in Montreal). Head there for a weekend brunch that features specially conceived morning cocktails (the Afoiegwato involves ice cream and coffee alongside liqueurs) to go with dishes like chicken and waffles, simply scrumptious Benedicts and fancy omelettes (one includes duck confit). Good morning!


The British inflections of this beloved Mile End spot shine through loud and clear in the menu, with dishes like the sausage and egg roll, scones with jam, a variety of finger-lickingly good sandwiches and a range of rotating specials and monthly creations. Enjoy any of those with a Dusty Rose—a lovely, floral gin cocktail—or any one of the other equally subtle, sophisticated, flavoursome tipples.

Nestled just off Saint-Denis in Villeray, Santa Barbara isn’t Californian, nor is it Latin, as the name may lead you to think—it’s named after its patron saint, and is indeed a saintly little neighbourhood restaurant featuring market-fresh food and a vegetable-forward philosophy. Their cocktails are a reason in itself to visit, with a changing menu that walks the perfect day-drinking line of curative yet sunshiny concoctions. The brunch options range from poached eggs on toast with a side of their renowned kale salad to a morning banh mi stuffed with roasted pork belly.


This beautiful Old Montreal space will light up your soul just with its looks. Buttery beige leather banquettes invite you to slide in and soak up all the semicircular shapes that tie in the design, specked with globe lights and black iron details. Start with a short, stout and mighty spicy Caesar as you ponder your order: Will you have the lauded homemade black pudding topped with a fried egg and served with a snappy carrot chutney, or the Insta-famous stack of ricotta pancakes? Maybe a fried chicken sandiwich so big your face can disappear into it?

A glittering mainstay of the fancy Laurier Avenue West, Leméac is the kind of place you need to honour by clinking mimosas as soon as you sit down. Pick a table by the front window—or on the vast terrasse in the summer—and let the twinkly, upper echelon scene envelope you. Order a good bottle of white and change your life forever with the pain perdu, a six-inch tall work of art that’s half French toast, half bread pudding. The lox and blinis are also a favourite here.


There’s a general lightness of being at this spot in Little Burgundy, where everything—from the interior design to the menu—is green, bright, fresh and elevating. The avocado toast here is the best in town, but just in case you feel too healthy, get a side of sweets: maybe an order of the Oprah-approved s’mores cookies? The salads are plentiful and multi-textured, like the Tawni, which includes everything from roasted yam to farro to herbed feta. For drinks, youcan’t say no to a fresh-peach juice bellini.

If you're looking for a place to drink mimosas at will to the sound of a DJ in full swing, chances are your wishes will be fulfilled at Jacopo. However, note that there's typically only one date every month when it will be possible. It's an Italian brunch with bellinis and mimosas à volonté for $30, though; hard to resist. Consult their website with the link below for more information.

More morning options for restaurants in Montreal

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